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Getting naked in front of your best pal and not getting embarrassed is a sure sign that the comfort you feel toward each other go beyond just being friends, it’s like having a sister or brother, to whom you can share almost everything with. But for this two pairs of wild teens who consider themselves like brothers and sisters, they share an entirely different way of caring and this is giving themselves pleasure. The four of them. And when we talk of pleasure, of course we meant sex, and they all wanted the same thing out of it. Each of ‘em wanted to suck and eat cunt and fuck rough in public. This worked well with their plan when they watched some amateur porn with the same idea that is having sex right beside a very busy highway. Doing so will lessen their chance of getting caught but the fact that there are tons of people passing by only got them more excited to give it a go. And just like in those porn flicks, they started touching and caressing each other while kissing torridly, firing up the mood just like they are inside their bedrooms.

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